in shanghai.

24 july 2007

alrights, i promise that this wont be wordy k. gonna blog in my usual style haha. back in MB LJ.

it is 12:23am now. sadly, all my housemates are asleep. why am i not asleep.

cos i got this report to read. and er i was given a lot of time to read but i keep procrastinating. clarence, my supervisor, wants me to share those non consensus opinions with him. like omgosh. it is an audit report if i am nt wrong. it is pretty similar to the 205 report we did before. on internal control system.

but since this is real world, so more got STANDARD lah. so many technical terms. faints.

havent got the chance to do real hands on audit work. sigh. i want to start leh! serious. stop asking me to do PR or admin stuff like cutting paper, pretending to be the boss and fill in evaluation form for sample, bringing delegates to the restaurant, greeting them. haha. i am SO NOT A PR person. on the other hand, i got to say my roomie is a great PR person haha. she is quite similar to ng. haha. i am such a contrast. aiyah heck it. haha. a leopard will never change its spots.

the day when i become a PR person, s-eleven will drop from the sky.

ok let me fill you guys in a bit more abt my colleagues.

they are really nice ppl. as in i am really serious. SO FAR lah, i feel that they are really genuine ppl. who go all out to help you. no conserve. haha. it is like when u need help, they will stretch out their hands long long to help you haha. and they are just NICE lah. cant find a better word to describe them.

i sit like qt near the partners office. sigh. damn hard to use net can. unlike kelly ko! who is moving to another PREMIER seat, NOT FACING the partners! rah! haha. anyway, everyone here is like so friendly with each other. the turnover rate is so HIGH, everyone seems to be here for max 2 mths. does tt mean that in these 5 mths when i am here. i will see many ppl leave and come? haha. and they noe each other for 2 mths right, but they behave like they noe each other for 2000 years like that. cant stand. and i feel weird if u ask me to call the partner like by first name. i still got this tendency to put Mr, Ms in front as salutation! haha.

and WSP(willsonn partners) ppl love to order WAI MAI. delivery. everything also can delivery one. even bubble tea. thanks to dennis who treated us to BT todae. haha. cos this fri is his last day at work, with Helen, both are interns from HK. this afternoon's lunch was like FUSION lah. we had HK, SIN, FRANCE and CHINA ppl sitting together for lunch. rmb 83! 9 of us! so ard 9RMB per pax!

damn cheap lah and we ate like a 7 course meal? hahaha.

now on a bit more abt my housemates.

roomie is fine. i see her 24/7. can faint. haha for 5 mths. how to survive! haha. just kidding. in case she reads this, which is quite probable. she is super cheapo lah. RIGHT kelly? haha. and she thinks she is v funny. haha. RIGHT? haha. ok lah, pretty lah k! haha. got dimples! haha. so jealous. roar. maybe i shld go take satay sticks and create some depression too! haha. ok crap!

the other 4 guys are er ok lah. claim tt they are F4! like okay lors. haha. they are damn funny, in their own respective ways. yea. pretty entertaining at times. but i can puke blood when i talk to them sometimes. haha. damn BHB! and they play music like the 西游记 song on their laptop cos they say what must blend in w china culture! and yest juncong played NDP songs cos he say he miss HOME. can he be funnier than that? basically, they are FINE so far, just that they dont bathe and wear the same clothes for MANY DAYS! wahahahhaa. jk lah.

now abt china. wah my a BIT is a LOT. hahaha.

china sucks lah. haha. ok lah not so bad.

just tt pollution is real bad. it always look like it is gna rain when it is just cos the air is grossssss.

begging is 'IN' here. mothers lk to bring their child on MRT to beg. in the 1st place, they go where get $$ to buy mrt tickets ah? i wonder. ppl like to distribute namecards on mrt. and u noe how they distribute? they THROW one. like THROW. goodnessssss. and ppl here love to PUSH. PUSH is all they noe. cant they just wait for the next bloody train. bloody hell. u noe the train alr damn packed and they just PUSH their way thru, as though they gonna 扑 on to their BED can. like HELLLO. 文明社会 leh. SO IRRITATING. every morn, sure kena pushed around. tt dae on sunday, i was PUSHED OUT of the train at 徐家汇 can. really ah #&^*&#^$#&#$. so pisssed!

food here is generally cheaper. like soya bean for sgd 0.20?  magnum for like sgd 0.60. but too bad no almond flavor! damn! hahaha. but hors, some foods can be real oily and grossssssss like the fried rice i had for dinner todae. sucks leh! 100%. grrrrosss!

yups. tt is abt it i wanna blog. feeling a little nostalgic.

this is like a dream. for 5 mths.

this is how i feeel now.



jh 在 2007-07-24 19:27:01 说:

helen fr hk?? haha.. do u have a photo of her? cos last time when i went to UBC, there was also a helen who joined us.

ask her if she went to UBC! hahaha..
ng 在 2007-07-24 00:59:03 说:

ng 在 2007-07-24 00:58:52 说:

okay great i finally saw the PING LUN and my chinese is not bad okay, i got like EM1 chinese standard leh! and though i flunked higher chinese in sec 4, hahaha buttttttttttttttttttt it still can make it =) haha i miss you ong! so sad u go offline alrd, anyway i got to write my midterm paper so i'd comment more nxt time =) love


in shanghai.