in shanghai.

16 to 22 july 2007

i bought this damn big wang wang. for rmb 16.50. CHEAP right? haha.

on the right is like nice gio shirts. sigh. guys clothes are so much easier to buy lah. like hundred times. walk into any shop. guys shirt sure nicer. cant they have the exact design for females! rrrrroar...

oh btw i forgot to say we got a guest! zhiqi! kelly's gym fwen from stnicks. who is yt's classmate. so qiao. :) she quite funny. cos she giggled and woke up. so hilarious!

then we took this 1.5hr bus 莲枫线 to lian hua station. and saw the bai lian nan fang shoppg mall and decided to hop in for lunch. went to this qt high class looking hk restaurant w nice comfy seats. like cartel kind. on the left is my porridge with no pi dan. then kelly ordered the same and wanted MORE pi dan. and she really got A LOT more pi dan. wahahhaa.

the foxtown really damn ulu pandan can. wanted to get this sisley jacket for rmb 179. so i decided to CONTROL!

we were on the way to FOXTOWN, which is in a ulu pandan place 40mins away from SH. check out my BUYS for the day!

xiaolongbaos! nanxiang! damn famous one. 16 XLB for 10RMB= SGD 2! cheap like SIAO.

dong jia du! we went there to tailor make suits! blazer and blouse and pants= 400 RMB= SGD 80! cheap a not!

do i look pro? hahahaa. act only lah.

on the right, teresa, dennis, selina, allen, me and kelly! our colleagues! at the JHI conference!

to prove that i am a social escort. haha. anws lunch on the right. 4rmb= sgd 0.80 FRIED RICE!

look PRO a not? my heels killed me so much tt i change shoes!

my company!!!!

 it is 6:01pm now. and everyone CHIONG HOME! what the hell!!!!!!

is it an acctg firm or engine firm man? haha!

ok i shall chiong home tooooo!



in shanghai.