in shanghai.

suzhou trrrrrip! :)

3 bucks diff makes a great diff in the train stds can. PENGS. right side is the 22rmb train. GROSS to the MAX.

check out the kiasu crowd. PUSH AH!

the beautiful lake near joyce's house. 金鸡湖。 damn weird la the name! but hey, it is GORGEOUS.

f4 trying to be friendly w QIQI, joyce's friend. shou bu liao. right side is girl power! haha! qiqi, joyce, me and kelly


MEI right? the lake near her house?

condo lors. her house really big

even slippers is HILTON one. not bad huh. haha. toilet bowl even got cushion. wah. COMFY lah.

her bed is a bit weird though. it is like a BIG SOFA! hahaha.

her mom offers us so much stuff! really live lk a king there! her hse really v nice!

qiqi treat us to bubble tea. v nice! passion fruit red tea! 100 times nicer than e one i am drinking now. haha.

joyce treated us to lunch. on the right.

狮子林! left: joyce and me. right:  f4, me, kelly and joyce! using self timer.

damn HOT la the place. 30RMB entrance feeee! sgd 6!

we were at 观前街!this supposed famous shoppg street in suzhou!


hello suzhou!

this train really VERY NICE and COMFY. rmb 25! sgd 5. worth it!

e shanghai train station!



in shanghai.