in shanghai.

14 july 2007

七铺路on the left. the moment we reach there, they closing liao. damn sians. shall go back there one day. heard the things are freaking cheap but must noe how to bargain lah. fake adidas on the right, hahaha.

peace hotel on the left!

we were at the bund 外滩 woohoo! hahaa. see the 东方明珠塔?cool huh. anyways damn a lot of ppl lah. ppl mountain ppl sea. pengs. totally. damn GROSS.

i like the i love shanghai sign! but sorry i dont love shanghai. hahaha.

the 刨冰 which isnt v nice. the evaporated milk taste damn weird.

on the right: me, kelly and 4 jokers. haha.

the dim sum not nice one lors. haha. on the right is a 汤包 cute hors.

left: chk it out. starbucks 星巴克! cool man. can co exist with like a 五香豆 shop! like FUSION of culture u noe. haha.

right: 4 jokers again. in case u still dont noe their names. junjie, mingjie, juncong and weiqiang. damn similar can, their names.

left: roomie and i

right: 城隍庙

left: we went to the train station to buy tickets for suzhou on sunday.

right: we went to this damn stinky 网吧in the morning!

left: the keyboard cmi lah. cannot seee one. damn it.

we went for some breakfast buffet thing. 10 rmb. eat all you can. hahahaa.



in shanghai.