in shanghai.

11 july 2007

friendly with our neighbours so that we can borrow pots and pans and wat nots from them. hahaha :) just kidding la.

the roommate and mingjie.

yes i am a loser. third day and i eat hokkien mee hahaa. but if i didnt propose to eat, i wont seee him!!!! lin zhi ying!!!

stupid guards get to tk foto with him.

e female lead cmi lah hahahaa.

he is super cute lah! for a 33 yr old guy? so young! must be he botox everyday!

the CPMG staff and roommates.

nanjing walking street. the malls there all high class one can.

hey check it out!


this is the shopping mall near our office. actually not v near. is 20mins walk called NEAR? maybe lah, under LOCAL terms.

one of the 2 tako pachi i ate so far. sian diaos. NOTHING compared to SG can.

the chicken wrap is bluff ppl one lors. on the menu look so BIG and nice. when she served me, i was so shocked! SO PUNY!

we went to recee our company.

wind so strong! i look GRRRRROSSS.

pork 在 2007-07-26 07:08:11 说:

HEY!! looks so happening can!.. envy envy!! ya bunch of housemates look fun la.. anw u noe my mum commented lin zhi ying damn shuai, as in she didnt know tt was him. haha.. anw all ur food LOOKS nice!. and creamery obviously is ICE CREAM shop la.


in shanghai.