in shanghai.

day of departure

the family. rah. my sis is so skinnnnny and fair. i am lk a piece of coal beside her.

supper gang. missing the one in UCSD. haha. the switzerland-bound, already-in-china and texas-bound.

phoenix :) thanks for those who stayed till so late. sorry made u guys miss ur trains. those who left early like TEDDY ONG WEI YING, rah!!! ok just kidding :)

actually this is also db ppl. just trying to mk it look like a lot of ppl came. wahahaha. this is the year 1s, the one and the CAT aka lisi, and me!

yaoguis! jiayous jiayous jiayous k!

the SS phoenix. ;)

the darlings. again. missing the UCSD one. ng! hope u have a safe journey back miche :) and yt, help me thank weiqin also. lol. haha. for being the photo man.

i think we ALL look so HAPPY. :) act u noe why? cos the train was moving and we couldnt stop laughing. as usual lah haha.

ebeegirls and boys. thanks for coming! 有心了! :) end of year chalet ah! haha. looking forward!

one and only ntu acc friend. haha. ok MATE then. thanks jiamin for the guide! and perfume! sorry abt not being able to attend lessons with u this sem! and eat the can B DUCK RICE. haha. keep ur notes for me k! haha.

this was dinner at Breeks w the s1b jokers. some potato thing. NICE!

some cute little thing cor bought from bkk. cor i want leh actually. hahaha.

the potato, robert, me and jo-n

me, lydia, phebe si, tanny lim shi ni and corinne lee haha.

the green one + red one = 32KG=overweight by 12KG= damn screwed at airport.


j0-n 在 2007-07-22 18:45:44 说:

photos! i like! when will you be back?
cor 在 2007-07-22 12:45:40 说:

oh great! i was looking for the comments until i wanted to faint!!!why is it in chinesee!goodness!.anw i miss u alrd!and nt that good over there? i dont see u online!gt internet alrd? see in online soon ok!and must take care yah! u look happy in the photos!haha.nt that bad la hor!sounds fun act!haha.and the hse looks nt bad!! anw good lucks for the job man! and take lots of care! see u back in sing soon yeah! for chalet! time passes really quite fast!!


in shanghai.