in shanghai.

second entry

a short update.

using junjie's laptop now. thanks btw! haha.

cos my laptop is in office. i left it there on purpose. cos there wasnt net at home. TILL TODAY like thanks :(

these 2 days have been spent PR-ing at jin jiang hotel cos of the JHI conference that my company WSP is hosting. rahhhh. i suck at PR lah. i hate to socialise. i am a closet, whatever u call that lah. damn sians. nothing much to do, except have to pretend and be friendly to e guests, haha. tmr and sat will be more PR-ing sigh. i got an audit report to read from my sup though, it looks like those risk reports that we did for aa205 lah. sigh. er, think it is challenging cos my sup wants me to like share my non-consensus opinions with him? like PENGS. i damn scared lah. but maybe he forgot abt it cos he gave it to me to read yest when i told him i got no work. who noes, 10mins later, another partner came to give me WORK TO DO. like amend ppt slides. like thanks ah! sigh. sigh. sigh. really hope life can be more exciting than this.

china food sucks. so damn oily. i think i will grow damn horizontal after 5 mths if i continue my diet like that. i eat like KFC and MACS every other day. macs is much cheaper. like mcnuggests for 6RMB which is SGD 1.20. mc-chicken also rmb 6. and their mcwings is nice! yums yums. i love it. a meal for like rmb 18 which is like SGD 4.50. but their coke really SMALL leh when u order small. sigh. their fries also really SMALL leh. damn giam hahaha. KFC is SLIGHTLY cheaper. and right their chicken also nice. but DAMN SMALL lah. so i feel it is v ex! rah. shant eat KFC so often. macs is better. haha.

and er i went GYM just now? like after dont noe how long of NON EXERCISE. damn proud of myself. haha. i emitted so much HEAT. and sweated so MUCH. i concluded it is cos of the rubbishy junk that i have been eating ever since i landed here. damn grossss lah. anws i did 5 stations! hahahaa. 30mins on treadmill, 3 sets of biceps and clean jerk each, lateral pulls 3 sets and this thing, er what u call that, lateral pull down? whatever it is called lah. yeah. and i feel damn weak lah. like 10KG is so heavy for me! stamina drop already :( i even tried the THING ah hee asked us to try and did normal twisting in the GYM. hope the rest in the gym dont think i am SIAO. haha. i hit the gym cos i wasnt in the best of moods. er hopefully i will hit it more often, and i go cos i am ON, not cos i am down. yeah. but i guess it was a good work out.

one sucky thing. we must pay rmb 100= sgd 20 for the damn residential pass which we make so late. sigh. seriously ah, not our fault leh. we didnt noe must make so asap! sigh. nvm. nothing can be done. rah.

hopefully tmr wont be so boring and i can read the audit report in office cos i gonna let my rommate use the laptop! she is angry cos we have to make the pass and pay the damn fine. cheeeer uppppp strawberry(ok private joke)!  hahaha.

btw the cabs here damn irritating. we CALL CABs, tried so many companies and they can ALL tell me NO CABS. like wthelllllllllllllllll.

and i am beginning to feel like a local. haha. anyhow cross roads, walk ard freely on the streets, take cabs, eat oily food. but hey no spitting k! haha.

i dont noe what to wear for work tmr. cos today i thought i wore qt smartly like a lawyer

in the end i think i look NO DIFFERENT from the waitress in the restaurant with the black blazer and white blouse combi. damn it! sigh........and i so hate wearing heels. i dont noe change how many PLASTERS already!

ok, sorry no pics still. tmr seeee how k!

fusion* 在 2007-07-21 22:45:33 说:

ok joanne, i tag k! will i see the china flag? to prove that i am in china? we will see. haha.
mayo 在 2007-07-21 12:51:10 说:

wah!u seriously post alot!haha.anw i can @@ u're oso having some fun rite?i realise it's always e guys cookin for u girls!but tt's one of e plus pt.so how's ya tao hua?HAHA!n which is e one tt offers u *********?

Anw pls buy more products like how u did in BKK!haha.cos i believe some stuff is cheaper rite?
j0-n 在 2007-07-20 23:56:55 说:

i love the fact that the spore flag shows beside our names. lol. lt tag le. i want to see the china flag beside yourname. maybe you would get website most patronised by sporeans. haha. you take care! shop more. buybuybuy.
lye 在 2007-07-20 13:34:23 说:


china seems to suck!haha
oh wells....
soph 在 2007-07-20 13:11:23 说:

hmm liting my heart goes out t you man. haha i read abt the "no more rice" and "no cabs" part and actually i think thats quite typical of the ppl in china. the last time i went there also likdat, duno whether they purposely do it t us cos we're non-locals or they just dont want t do anything abt the situation. lol..

but anw i hope things get better for you each day! hehe maybe you can buy another pair of heels there. does shanghai have charles and keith?? hmms you take care yea, and try t have fun! :D
j0-n 在 2007-07-20 08:26:28 说:

hey babe have fun explore more and take care.oh one of our exchange options is shanghai jiaotong uni. lol.


in shanghai.