in shanghai.

first entry!

Hi all, I have arrived in one piece in Shanghai J haha. Well, the coming here part is damn screwed up lah. Those who came to send me off will know how screwed up it is. All because I only got 20KG baggage allowance! Rahhhhh.. I think I exercised my argumentative skills well though. Wahahahaha. I think the airport manager wants to kill all of us already. Well, HECK. Haha.


Next up, met the housemates. They are Kelly, Juncong, Junjie, Mingjie and Wei Qiang Like match making session can. Because I have not seen like most of the before. Well, they look fine. Okay duhs. Haha. Soon, we boarded China Eastern Airline MU544 which sucks big time. The plane is so squeezy! Really as what Jiehui says, sit down, the knee will touch the seat. Like not gross. Everyone had to like stretch out their leg to e seat beside! Goodness. Nvm. Next came the service. The air stewardess were all so unfriendly. L Nvm. Okay, now the food. Like not gross. It was like eggs and sausage. The egg was gross like no one’s business. Overall, it was a torturous plane ride. Didn’t sleep properly too. Are you guys enough of my complaints now? Haha. I won’t stop! Why? Cos I am in the land of the Chinese. Wahahahahaha.


Oh yah, in the afternoon, I had lunch with my parents and sister at kim gary, this HK café at vivo. The food is not bad! I like. Okay, thanks to xiaohong and lili for recommending that place. Vivo is so big, I hate it!


Overall, I will like to thank all who came to send me off and who sent me their well wishes especially my family, the db ppl, the “friends” from 03s1b, the supper gang ppl, jiamin, and lastly miche and yeeteng. Your presence was much appreciated. So sorry that you guys had to come down and I didn’t really interact with you guys cos of my screwed up baggage problem, esp the db ppl! SORRY L So surprising I didn’t cry at all, haha, must be cos I am STRONG lah. Hahaha. Okay, I better stop this “strong” rubbish. I will catch all of you after 5 months plus k J


9 july 2007


We reached Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Like finally. No more china eastern, okay for 5 months at least J To my horror, cos it is china eastern, we had to like take a BUS to the main airport place. The last time I took a BUS like that was in the 1999 jiuzhaigou trip which I already thought was pretty lok cok. 8 years down the road and we are still getting such service! Like tell me about it!


We collected our severely overweight baggage and waited for Desmond, the GIP officer. We were so thirsty and we went to check out the ‘empty’ airport for anywhere that sells water. Boy, water is not everywhere in pudong airport. We went to this restaurant to ask and it was like RMB 30. I nearly fainted. That is SGD 6 for an at most 150ML EVIAN mineral water? No way man. Kill people put fire! Thus we suffered in thirst for qt some time. Desmond soon came and the bus fetched us to GIP strategy office in Shanghai. There was breakfast. Which wasn’t fantastic. Like hello! Who eats vegetable in the morning. Okay lah, unless you are the traditional teochew person. We had a briefing which was nonetheless very boring.


Next, we were brought to our respective apartments. There is this other group who are staying in the same condo as us, but different and . Their condo is a five minute walk away from our block. You know there is a total of 33 blocks! Like oh my gosh! Pengs. Haha. Anyway, we soon saw our apartment. Not bad leh. Floor laquered somemore. It is overall nicer than my house I got to say. The interiors I mean. The bad thing is me and Kelly(my roommate) don’t have a bed stand(whatever u call that man), so it means our bed is like ON THE FLOOR lah. But it is KING size! Haha so gonna make do with it for five months! Haha.


On our way to the lunch restaurant, I was telling Kelly that I can’t believe that we are here. FOR GOOD. I am still thinking that I am here for like a one week holiday kinda thing. Reality hasn’t really sunk in yet. Even now when I am typing this, I cant imagine myself as a true blue Shanghai person in these 5 months. I am like living in denial! Save me!


Lunch was again BAD. We dined at this rest. Near our place and it was gross. My housemate’s food took like one hour to come?! And there is such thing called NO MORE RICE. Like wthell. The people ah, from the country, really ah, shakes head vigorously*. Totally inefficient! I can’t stand it. Little did we know that we will meet with even more such sucky attitude in future. Gross!


Next, we proceeded to buy our barang barang for our house. In the midst of finding mattress, we stopped by this FAKE IKEA place called JDL. There really everything as ikea lors. Haha. The yellow color blouse that the staff wore, the grey signs with white words. The way the shop is structured is that you cannot exit and enter at the same place. We had to walk one big round before going to the exit! Like pengs. Give me a break, have a kitkat! Hahahaa.


We gave up hope on fake Ikea and we proceeded to HYMALL which was quite a distance away! Like pengs! Haha. Can walk until die. So hot somemore the weather! Luckily, we bought like super a lot of stuff, make the trip worthwhile! We also bought Macs for dinner! My fillet meal only like 17RMB. Cheap leh! Hahahaa. The bad thing is that Shanghai people don’t eat chilli or something? All sauces we get free are all ketchup. Like pengs.


We then went home to bathe and played cards. Haha yeah. So basically I am so super tired now, let me blog another day.


10 july 2007


Hello everyone! I am typing this on 12 July 12:37am in my room. My room mate Kelly is asleep. I am blasting my music! Haha. No lah. Jk. Anyway, when I blogged last time, I was really damn shagged out. L

Let me do a recount of what happened on 10 July. Thank goodness I wrote everything down. We waited for Desmond(the gip officer), Danny(this previous batch GIP guy), Wangqi and Xiao Shen(Wang qi’s colleague) to come to our house. Damn funny la, when they came, we all rushed to the ‘walkway’ to welcome them. Like hello?! After Wangqi listened to all the faults we had with the house, she seem to give us an idea that THEY WILL BE SOLVED SOON. Little did we know that this is the beginning of nightmare.


The poor guys have to bathe in cold water for so many days. And us? The shower thing totally AP. One moment HOT like SIAO, one moment COLD. Like hello?! Wake up your ideas mr heater! The heater here is also like MAN SAN PA(slow three beats, haha, direct translation, copy the ppl here). When u turn the shower thing to COLD from HOT, the COLD water doesn’t come on, like until 10 mins later? Like okay lors, as though we have so much s-eleven to let the water “lose heat”.


Anyway for our house right, one of the rooms door knob is like missing! No knob. Think they push over their door or something. The guys bath room door knob also not really working. It is so hilarious, just by hearing how HARD the guys have to BANG the door to CLOSE it. The washing machine was leaking water like FOC just now. L Most importantly, our OXYGEN aka the INTERNET hasn’t been set up yet. Like wthell. We have been suffering from 2 nights for no internet. Ass I am typing this, the internet isn’t up yet either. DEVASTATION.


After Wang qi and co left, we orderd pizza and invited our neighbours over. The group that stays in the same condo but different blocks. The group suggested going to Carrefour to shop and we were so damn ONs abt it. We went to the shuttle bus stop and damn it, we missed the bus, just by a minute or so lors. We then realize that we got to wait for like ONE HOUR before the next shuttle comes. We proceeded to spend some time slacking at our neighbour’s house which is worth 700 RMB more than us, for rent. We reached the bus stop beforehand and waited for like TWENTY MINUTES for the late bus. Rah. Talk about efficiencies in the mainland.


We ate at this teppanyaki place. 32RMB for my chicken chop set. The vegetables like free one. So much. The salt and oil like free one. The chef put SO MUCH of everything lah. Like come on, relax man. Haha. The interesting thing is that we heard YET another agitated quarrel outside the restaurant. Apparently this woman is unhappy that her 1 RMB coin was wasted. Cos she put the money into the slot for the lockers(which are kinda plentiful in shopping malls) and the locker didn’t work, so she was scolding the guard(I think) at the top of her shriek SH accent voice. Like give me a break too!


Carrefour was fun cos we took everything like FOC one. Saw a freaky scary man who kept following us around, but apparently he was following one of the friendly sales girl. You know there are damn a lot of sales girls in the supermarket. Think they got commission that is why they so aggressive in their selling. Some hot and pans woman got pissed off because I didn’t want to buy the pots she recommended haha.


Anyways I am sleepy once again. I shall sleep soon. The weather really sucks!

Tmr then continue blogging k. yeah.


11 July 2007


Today is the reece day. Kelly and I woke up at around eight plus to check out the exact location of our company. Boy, it was really FAR from the mrt station. Wang Qi has been talking tons of rubbish to me. Seriously, at the time when I am typing this, I have lost ALL HOPE in china people. Everything they say, everything they promise, everything basically. Rah! It is like really a 15mins walk from Jiangsu station, just like what evelyn said. We walked and sweat a lot. How are we going to walk there IN OFFICE WEAR next week? Damn. The heels! Sigh. Pls let me survive the heels w no blisters.


Finally after a much torturous walk under the hot sun, we reached! UDC INNOVATIVE plaza. It is damn ulu lah. Good thing is that there is a wet market beside. We can buy food home to cook! Haha. Anyway, we then met the colleagues and they are quite nice. The audit department has this girl called Selina who is like the soft spoken and chiobu kind. She is so nice because she actually asked the receptionist to draw us a map when we wanted to find out how to go to 龙之梦and 七铺路.The receptionist is like a guy lah like wth. Haha. Weird lah. Anyway, the first impression they gave was not bad. However, with warning from my roommate, she told me that we should not have such high expectations first. TRUE. Oh, the people there dress so slack lors, I think I will go there and be the most formal cos I only brought formal. I didn’t know office wear is so slack!


After that, we proceeded to find 龙之梦. After MUCH walking once again (you see, we really walk a lot!), we reached! And goodness gracious, it is a super high class place! Like S-U-P-E-R. No wonder Selina say the business there no good. Like duhs lors. On the way there, we ate at MACs because we were starving. I ordered this chicken wrap thing which looked considerably big and nice in the picture. However, AS USUAL, in china, just don’t trust anyone, anything. In the end, it was so freaking ex for 6RMB! Rah!


Afterwhich, we took metro to People’s Square to meet Mingjie and Juncong. We shopped around on Nanjing East Road first. GOODNESS. The things there are also so expensive. I mean seriously, it is like mostly SGD rates. To the locals, this is called 高档物品 can. Ok I coined that term myself haha. Since I am in China, so I am counted as a local so it is expensive to me! Therefore, you don’t see many people in the malls. Sad. So anyways, we met the guys and I went to macs to buy mcwings. They are so nice! Didn’t take picture though cos quite baichi cos I keep taking photos of all the foods I ate so far. Haha. The wings cost RMB 6 only, but they are pretty small. I like the spicyness!


Next, we took metro to 徐家汇. I am such a loser because I ate Hokkien mee when I am only here for like three days. It was RMB 18. Cheaper than Singapore. And it is nice! The most important highlight of the day was that we saw 林志颍. Sianlye, don’t be jealous! He was at food republic @ Metro city and there was a huge crowd! Being a typical KPO Singaporean, I went forward and see whats the commotion about. And OH MAN, it is LIN ZHI YING! Shuai!!!!! Like totally. He really looks like 仲天祺 in 放羊的星星, speaking of which, I can’t watch last week’s cos I still don’t have net till now! Anyway, I managed to snap a few photos of him! Haha. He is so good looking for someone who is like in his thirties. Bet he got inject tons of botox. Haha. Judging from his standing position when he took the escalator up, he is a bit gay I feel. Haha.


Oh I forgot to mention the daily quarrels/fights we see in Shanghai. On this day, when we were queuing to buy metro tickets, the ticket woman started scolding big time, in her most powerful and thunderous shanghai accent voice. She was scolding this guy who is a bit blur. It was like action-packed man! We never fail to see a fight or quarrel everyday!


The day ended with me and Kelly visiting our neighbour’s house because I happily forgot to bring the keys out and the guys wanted to stay at xu jia hui for a longer time. Our neighbours are quite nice to joke around and chit chat with, though they keep asking me to go clean their house be a part time maid! Cos I keep complaining that their pay is so high! Seriously lors, our house pay all add together. Maybe not even 1/3 of all their house pay add up together! Rahhhhh!


13 July 2007


Finally, I am typing today’s entry but technically it is like 14 July already because it is 3:35am now. My room mate is fast asleep while I am typing away. Oopsies. Haha. Ok, basically, we spent the whole day WAITING for the internet man to come who NEVER CAME. Wangqi gave us some crap reason like he went to the wrong house! I was so troubled and pissed off by the fact that we still don’t have internet access. It has been 4 days without internet and I am dying from boredom already. I want to check out all the gmail threads! You know how sucky china people are. The guys toilet has like no hot water for 4 days already and everytime I tell wangqi she will give me some lame excuse. I shall bug her again tomorrow morning. Just cos of her, we had to stay home from morn till 3 pm, with absolutely nothing to do! We wanted to go Qi pu Road which we also didn’t. We ordered cheapo pizza(This Way) for lunch. Like hello! Pizza again! I think we are addicted haha. Anyways, Xiao Shen say the telecoms people will come on Saturday so we’ll see if he really appears on sat.


Night activity was planned to be pubbing/KTV. We headed down to HengShan Road area. And wow! It is like Clarke quay lors. Tons of clubs/pubs and what nots. The most scary thing is that just when I was saying we didn’t see any quarrels today yet, we saw a BLOODY FIGHT. At the BOILING LOUNGE(I am not kidding) building. There was a huge crowd and I saw many 公安 in action, asking them to stop fighting. The guys shirts were all bloodied lah. At first I was like paint ah! Then I realize OH MAN, , BLOOD. Gross lah. I was damn freaked out cos I never saw people FIGHT in real life before! The guys were like dripping blood (the poor cleaner had to faster clean it!) as they were rushed out of the building by the police. Spots of blood everywhere like faints! Horrifying! Basically, I was damn scared.


The good thing was perhaps that we saw Peter Ho 何润东! As again, I saw a CROWD outside a restaurant and there was many cameras and lights. So I went forward and woohoo! STAR again. I can’t believe it lah. Like seriously, who are we gonna see tomorrow! Hahaha. I got star luck hahaha. Too bad the security was tight and we weren’t allowed to tk photos. Pls lors it was a kissing scene and the girl is so damn gross lors. Like totally! Peter Ho had to hug and kiss her (not 借位, really KISS)! Rahhhh!


We walked around that Clarke quay place and I was secretly praying not to see anymore fights cos I am traumatized enuff like real drama unfold in front of us! We settled down in this pub. Er drank Bud beer, don’t noe how to spell the full name. It was gross lah, as usual right. Hahaha. Beer sucks lah, basically I am not really the alcohol or clubbing kind. Since everyone is ON, I shall be ON too lors. Haha. My stomach feels a bit weird now actually, keep making weird noises. That self-proclaimed Mr Charismatic guy, Juncong taught us a few games, quite fun. Oh before that, we ate at this high class restaurant寒舍(like don’t match lors) and it is really affordable for what we ate. But as usual, no crowd one cos too ex for locals already. Yeahs.


So basically, we are all tired so we came home and it is 4:05am now. I think I should go and sleep. I really hope 明天会更好 J nites.


13 July 2007


Hi all, it is 4:42pm now and I am blogging now because I am so damn bored. There is absolutely nothing to do! ABSOLUTELY. You wont believe it, the heater repairman said he is going to come at 1pm. And it is almost like 4 hrs later and he is nowhere in sight. Like omgosh. I seriously china isn’t the place for kan chiong spiders like me. This is inefficiency to the ULTRA MAXIMUM, until I already cant be bothered. Wah lao!!!! Seriously TMD! Xuewei once mentioned that I can scold the china ppl TMD cos they don’t noe whats that! Seriously, I don’t swear one, but the china people are incurring my wrath SO MUCH that I just want to scream and bite their heads off. Haha. I sound so violent! But seriously, if you were in my shoes, you will react the SAME. Seriously, if we get this kind of service (actually it isn’t even called service) in Singapore, the staff already kena sacked already! Okay the heater man came and he didn’t really solve our problem. Sigh. He was like so impatient and can’t wait to leave the house!


Next, the internet problem. Still don’t have. The agent gave me tons of crap! Like hello? What the internet man went to the wrong address lah, broadband expired lah, must wait for telecoms people to get back the landlord lah. Bloody crap! Rubbish totally!


Seriously, you really cannot take things for granted. Singapore system is seriously efficient enough already. Like totally. Oh man I really hate china people to the ultra maximum! Rahhhhhhhhhh! Roar!




I am back to blog. I seriously wonder when will I ever get to publish all these entries. Rower gan smsed me and say that I must learn how to embrace and live with all these inefficiencies. Yea this is China, not Singapore. This is the real world man. Welcome to reality, OLT.

I don’t noe how long more can I tahan all these crap. Empty promises by the Chinese people. Say will come in ½ hr, in the end, 5 hrs later, still have not appear. What the hell. Bloody crap L so pissed.  Today is only day 5. There are like 150+ more days to go! So depressing L Why is it so hard for me to learn how to relax and take everything easy? I can advise people tons of stuff, in the end, I myself can’t do it. Rah.


Ok, I totally don’t feel like typing anymore. Peace outà copy Wilber. Act cool. Haha.


What will tomorrow deliver? I wonder.


*add-on at 12:45am: just had a mini discussion w the housemates at the living room just now. We are all super pissed regarding the china inefficiency and our agent, wang qi. Sigh. We want to complain to our parents already! So our parents can complain to GIP office and oliver! The CEO! I agree that before we came, CPG promised us so much stuff and when we came, everything is just so sub-standard. Okay, I know this is china, different. But still?! Basic necessities like hot water and internet (yes this is basic in the 21st century!) are like lacking! Like bloody hell!!!! And I think I am like 水土不服 cos I am like coughing major for like a few days already (shhhh, olw don’t tell mother about it!). HOME, I miss HOME. Never feel so pissed off and stressed up for so many days before. Everything is just not right here. All aspects. Sigh. Ok I better switch off the lights cos Kelly is sleeping already.


14 July 2007


Hi all, today is pretty an eventful day. Did tons of walking. Quite amazed. I can say I am not bad with maps now. Haha. Still remember how much I suck when I went to Australia with ng and I was a total 路痴 can. Looking forward to more map reading! Haha. Hurhur.


Btw, today never see any stars! Damn sad! We everyday see stars one can. Why today never see stars! Haha. Sians. Thought we could see Louis Koo man! Okay lah, dream on! Louis koo because he seems quite popular here. See tons of adverts with him inside.


Early in the morning, Kelly and I woke up for 锦江之星 breakfast. Only RMB 10! This old uncle recommend us one! Haha. The hotel is like 15mins away. It was worth the walk since it is only 10 bucks, though the spread wasn’t fantastic lah. Next up, we found a cybercafé and connected with e rest of the world. We are no longer mia-ing. I emailed a few people and online sms-ed some. So happy! Like SUPER. I never felt so happy using the net before! Like SIAO right? You guys will understand if u are in my plight for the past 5 days lors. I checked my hotmail like 31 emails! Haha. Ok I am mad lah. But I admit I like to receive emails can. Like so stupid right? Haha. J NTU also got mail. GMAIL lagi worse! Sorry I totally have NO TIME TO READ the threads at all and the numerous replies though I really wanted to. I only had one hr! Oh ya and I managed to msn joyce! Rower! U never help me ask joyce!!!! Haha. Yea so going suzhou tmr and joyce is bringing us around! So happy! I am so looking forward. Like seeing a familiar face in a totally foreign and suffocating country.


Next, we went to buy train tickets! Wah the train station is like not packed. Like not gross. I hate to see so many people can. Like PEOPLE. One whole compound of , really 咄咄逼人. GROSS! The train ticket was how rude lah. When u talk to her, she look at her computer screen and reply you one lors. Like u talking to air like that. And just cos we took quite some time to clarify stuff, some impatient china woman was grumbling away! Rah! Patience! I learnt this word through ur fellow countrymen.


Okay, then we metroed(ok I coin myself one) back to zhong tan station and met the guys. Oopsies. We were like 20 mins late or something. We then found the bus interchange nearby and took bus 801! Wow their bus is cool leh. Got this tv mobile thing. But it is damn funny, cos they started playing songs like 中国话 by S.H.E and guess what, the MV don’t have S.H.E lors. It is some other joker singers. So weird. Maybe it is just the radio. They had quite nice songs. The bus ride to everywhere is like RMB 2. flat rate can! And they use ez link also! And the best part is that the ez link machine COMES TO YOU. Haha. There is this bus auntie who will carry the machine around! Cool right? Haha. Besides the low seat(I cant lie my head properly on the headrest), the bus ride was otherwise enjoyable. Looking forward to take more buses J


Ok, we took 801 to 城隍庙. I went there before about 3 years back during winter. I remember I thought it was a ulu pandan place can. Today, totally different. The 五香豆 shop is still there. But hey, there is a STARBUCKS 星巴克 beside it now can. Like total clash lah. The old buildings (Chinese) and starbucks (English). Or u can say FUSION. Haha. I find the co-existence amazing. Haha. Like how much the world has changed. How much china has opened up? Ok do I sound duhs once again? Haha. Anyway, we didn’t manage to eat Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao, actually I am quite sad about it. Nvm. The queue was freaking long anw. As though the world never eat XLB before. The price is like 16 for 10RMB now? We ate some other dianxin place which wasn’t fantastic. Maybe I expected too much, whats new? As usual.


We wanted to take 801 back to the Bund, 外滩. To our surprise, we can walk to the bund! Faints. So we walk and walk and walk and we reached! And TIAN AH! The crowd was damn scary lah. Even more people. Damn gross. I really hate seeing so many ppl. When we wanted to take photo in front of the 东方明珠塔, there was this damn BU ZI DONG COUPLE beside us. Damn irritating! Haha.


We then AGAIN walked to 七铺路. Before that, we were so shagged from all the walking that we settled at some café at Nanjing Dong Lu. Ok back to qi pu lu, boy, it was WORSE WORSE WORSE than the bund. I mean the crowd. It was amazingly A LOT OF PEOPLE. As though they haven’t shopped for ten years. It was so freaking hot. The roads are so freaking gross and uneven. It looks as though the whole place has just experienced a bomb blast(ok choy!). The whole environment just puts people off lah. Like seriously. The shopping, as I heard from other people, is supposed to be UPs. But guess what, the moment we walked into the mall, it was so freaking WARM and we realize all the shops are closing le. Damn suay! They close at like 6pm? SO EARLY! Sigh. Basically we all were so exhausted from all the walking and the sweltering heat, we just gave up and decided to go home after walking around for ½ hour! That mall totally reminds me of like those malls in BKK, like MBK and Platinum. Just that it is ten times more lok cok than bkk malls. It was like DARK and WARM. As though the things they sell are 见不得人 can haha. Shall go back there one day, sigh no more weekdays to spend there. How? Pon school one day? Btw school starts on 10aug! damn! Why so early one! Like super! Sigh.


After that, we WALKED to baoshan lu to take train! And we saw like this couple doing something really GROSS. If I am not wrong. Yucks! We came home and the guys cooked! Wahahaha. We went to bathe instead. Food was not bad, healthy, except for the instant mee. Haha. Btw yeah jh, 康师傅 instant mee is good! Haha. The guys cooking todae kind of inspire me to cook next week! I hope I do, seems quite fun. Better cook before work ties me down! Haha. Can cook laksa next week! I got the mixture! But actually I think laksa is like cook it when everyone is craving for spore food right? No one is as loser as me as to eat hokkien mee on day 3 of arrival!


Alrights, we will see about tmr. What will suzhou promise us?

I still don’t have internet. I kind of gave up.


Lastly, my house now is nicer than my sg house.

But how come I don’t feel happy about it at all?


15 July 2007


Today is fun! We went to visit Joyce at Suzhou! Haha. She was super hospitable J good host! I feel super bad cos she paid for like so many of our expenses and she, being JOYCE, as usual, refuse to take the money back from us. So joyce, I am going to treat you to 大餐 when I go back to Singapore k.


The leaving house time was 0815 and we all stuck to it. Goodie. We reached the shanghai train station which is one metro station away. And okay, as usual, there were tons of people, sitting around at the square there. The whole “checking in procedure” is pretty flawed. Everyone was just squeezing through, horrible! If u are small, you might just squeeze through without being noticed that u do not have a ticket. Wahahaha.


The train ride was great though we had to like run to carriage 16 which was at the other end. Damn it. There was tons of leg space and the ride was smooth and fast. 30mins. 25RMB. Worth it totally. We then reached Suzhou train station which was rather backward. Met joyce soon after and was harassed by numerous “mian bao che” cheaterbugs who tried all ways to solicit business. Like totally gross. Back off man! Haha. I was shutting my ears cos I was so pissed with so many of them SURROUNDING US. Do we look like we are shining with gold? My action was a bit rude lah but I don’t care cos I was so damn irritated!


We took a RMB 1 bus to Guan Qian Jie 观前街, this supposed famous shopping street in suzhou. We had breakfast at 永和大王because we were pretty famished, considering we woke up so early. It was not bad, the breakfast, felt like home for a while with the 豆浆油条haha. The “F4” guys were crapping about the 苏粥 rubbish again and that stupid CC (he wants us to call him CC haha) anyhow go tell joyce that I never change clothes for 5 days when it should be the other way round! Haha.


We then attempted to shop at guan jian. But failed as usual. I think it is pretty hard to shop in such a big group la. U just lose all the interest in shopping suddenly. Then everyone has to wait for everyone else, quite ma fan. Quite sad that nothing was purchased. Sigh.


Next up, we took a bus to 狮子林,this lion stone garden built by some guy. It was originally a house owned by that guy. His house is freaking big lah. Like freaking. We tried to save money by following those tour guides bringing their tour groups around. Haha. However, sadly, we lost them after a while. Rah! We then walked around aimlessly. In the end, somehow CC took over the job of the tour leader and he attempted to lead us to this place, called the room of the sleeping cloud or something. In the end, we walked in circles till we were all so damn shagged. RAH ROAR. L Even joyce was tired. Can you believe it? Haha.


After that, we took a cab to 十全街, another shopping street! We walked for so LONG before we settled down at this restaurant to eat such suzhou cuisine. Er, it was okay lah. Haha. Horrible joyce paid for it! Secretly! No wonder she went downstairs and MIA-ed for a while! She ah, refuse to take our money. Oh her friend, Qiqi came to join us at the restaurant J After lunch, we walked around shi quan jie. Kelly bought a pair of girly shoes and I bought NOTHING. Damn it. Still bought NOTHING after 7 days in shanghai! Can u believe it? I totally cant believe it. Usually, I would have bought tons. Sigh. What has shanghai done to me? HOW CAN! Seven days! Sigh. The guys went to buy some tea and a teapot for joyce’s parents.


After shi quan jie, we cabbed down to joyce house! Her house is in the 工业园区, which is totally different from the 老城区.The buildings at the old town area are like short, not exceeding 3 storeys, govt rule I think. And there are so many people there, so squeezy! OTOH, the gong ye qu is fab! Wide roads, tall buildings, less people. Joyce condo is named after some golf course cos there is a golf course in front of her condo. Her condo is so HIGH CLASS, like what’s new right? Joyce leh. Haha. Her house? Even better! Seriously damn CHIO la. Quite like my ideal house. Penthouse! And she sleeps on the second level! So cool. Her living room is so modern. I just so love it. So cosy. If I have a house like hers, I everyday stay home to mug(hahaha). Don’t go school already. Too bad my house not like that. For a while, I was stoning and thinking how long must I work to be able to afford a condo like joyce’s! it is like SGD 200K plus. And hello?! We are in suzhou not Singapore, mind you. It is super EX for suzhou’s living std la and joyce still say it is 中级kind. Like pengs! I want to retire and live in this part of suzhou! Haha.


Anyway, then joyce’s hospitable parents prepared a FEAST for us, there was like SO MANY dishes. So much food! All quite nice, couldn’t really accept some of the dishes though. I mean the taste is unique I got to say. Anyway, joyce is really super high class. You know she serve us hersheys chocolates! High class 水蜜桃! And this like super nice choc ice-cream which tastes so heavenly. Hopefully can find them in shanghai. Forgot the brand though. Ok, I sound so brand-conscious, which is a FACT anyway. Haha.


After the sumptuous dinner, joyce and qiqi brought us to 金鸡湖near her house. The walk there was cooling, is the word! The view was magnificent at the lake. Too bad I couldn’t go over yesterday because the musical fountain was on yesterday, but it wasn’t on today. Sad. Nevertheless, the lake was great. I told joyce that we can row there. So big lah the lake. And she can like jog around the whole lake as preparation for stan chart.


Afterwhich, we went to take a cab back to the train station. I went to the KFC toilet and u noe what, this joker left her bag inside the cubicle and left to wash her hands outside. I alerted her! Haha. But how can she be so blur? If it wasn’t nice me, the bag will most prob be GONE.


Yupyup, overall, today was really FUN, 谢谢你李杏! I hope I got her Chinese name writing correct. I will treat you back in Singapore k! it is a DEAL. J thanks for everything today!


P.S. sidetrack, I am coughing lk there is no tmr, and I already drank like more than ½ of the cough syrup till today. Sigh, it is my fault la, I couldn’t control myself. Drank COCO bubble tea, passion fruit red tea, qiqi’s treat(she insisted!), which rocks! I must control wef tmr. For my own good.


1st day of work tmr. Nervous! Like 1st day of school like that. 1:39am. Need to wake up at 6:30am. I better get going.


I hope I can learn as much as possible and it isn’t too tough.


16 July 2007


Hi all, it is like 12:43am 17 July. First of all, let me wish shini a happy 21st birthday J sorry couldn’t be there to attend your sure-FUN party. It was nice to hear that you were quite sad that I could not attend. Haha.


Anyway, I just came back not long ago and bathed. Why so late? Because I was at some cybercafé 15mins walk away from my house. I keep calling it cyberbar. Haha like not gross right? Because in Chinese, it is called wang ba. So doesn’t it sound like cyberbar in English, direct translation? Ok cut the crap. It was like freaking smelly there. The smoke was like FOC one, I inhaled like don’t noe how much second-hand smoke. I was msning Joanne and told her HELP ME! Haha. I still don’t have internet that is why I went there. My stomach is growling. Hungry. Ate like rubbish for dinner once again. Instant mee. Sigh. I really hate instant mee. Eh songjh, why the 康师傅 today so gross one? Haha. Junjie cooked a pot of cabbage soup w sausages, a rather weird combi but better than nothing I guess. It was not bad J I feel like trying to cook too, but I think I am too lazy.


Ok now I shall do a recount of my 1st day at work. Though I am freaking sleepy. My hair’s wet and I don’t have a dryer so too bad. Kelly and I reached like super early lah, pengs. Ok I fell asleep last night while typing this and I am continuing this in my office. Like ok best! Haha.


Anyways, on the first day of work, we were told to sign some forms and read this like employee manual thing. Can faint cos everything was like in Chinese. 20pages. Read until I wanna sleep. So after we “handed” in the manual(cos we had to sign at the end of every page), we had nothing to do and I was like stoning major so I decided to take a quick nap. I was happily napping when Kelly tapped me. Oh no! the HR person came into the room, really hope that she didn’t catch me napping can. So embarrassing. Napping is one of the disallowed activities in the employee manual can. And the company quite funny. When they fine people, it is like standard RMB 20.


Ok proceeding on, I was told that I had to pick up someone from the airport and it was really alarming to me because I am so afraid. Like me alone? Pick up a big shot somemore! Scared! I went there in a huge black car, which I tried to figure out the brand but I cant, think it is some china brand, but hey the car is comfy and big k. haha. So I was fetched to the airport like a taitai haha. Come shanghai 7 days got big car to sit already, quite shuang actually. Haha. Did I mention that I suffered major in my heels since morning and I am like dying from the pain, the pointed part. It is so freaking PAINFUL. Ouch! Ouch! OUCH! So anyways, I reached the airport and stood like like a gundu with a big placard, waiting for the guest. In my sucky heels, I waited for approx 40mins before he appeared with his wife, like pengs! I thought I looked really funny. Haha.


So glad that I found him and his wife. Being really nervous, I didn’t know what to tell them. Basically, hello? I am only here for 7 days, how am I supposed to fill you in with information about shanghai? Haha. He asked me abt the Shanghai Maglev and I was stunned and quickly seek help from the driver. Heng. In the end, I very frankly told them that I am new and I am an intern from Singapore. Haha. So I guess I saved my butt a bit, though my company told me not to tell them that I am here only for one week? Haha. I started to crap a bit about shanghai, like the air is pretty polluted, you have to be especially careful when you cross the roads cos the cars come from all directions :O haha. The car sent them to old Jin Jiang Hotel and boy, the hotel is freaking nice lah. Ok exaggerating, but how to say. It has an old English feeling, I don’t noe if I am speaking sense over here. It has three accommodation buildings. Like cool. We went to the wrong one and they drove us on this like golf car (is it called a buggy or what?) to the correct building. Cool! Haha. I helped them check in, all the way to their nice comfy room before I bade goodbye to them. Yea, and after that I could go home already! Shuang dao! Take cab can claim somemore! I was scared about taking cab alone, cos hello, this is not Singapore. I took train to Shanghai 火车站 station and decided that my legs couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to cab back. And guess what? The first cab I took, the uncle asked me to get out of the cab. Like wthell. Don’t noe why also. I proceeded to join a taxi stand and prayed hard that I wont get a red cab, cos they say red cabs are not advisable to take. In the end, I got a white cab and got home safely in one piece. Haha. Yea.


Oh btw did I mention tt my lunch was RMB 4 for a plate of fried rice yesterday?


Am I too long winded? I think I am.


17 July 2007


Today started off with a bad note. Kelly and I tried so hard to get a cab cos we woke up late. It was my fault. We flagged like mad and couldn’t get a cab. Sigh. In the end, we decided to call cab which was 4 RMB more expensive. Guess what? Got money also NO CAB! Like wthell. So depressing. Why like that? So in the end around 9am(which is the reporting time), we managed to flag a cab! Yes! And we reached at 920am! LATE! L


Our sup briefed us and we were like slacking major after that, till now? That I can even come and type out this post. Damn sians! The only thing I did was to cut paper. And cut so fast, no more to cut liao! Save me! From boredom! Faints. And it is time for lunch now.


Just back from lunch. Spent 4RMB on a plate of horfun and RMB 1.50 for er dumplings kinda thing. That place is our fav liao. Cheap and ok lah. But I think my tastebuds are on their way to destruction. Somehow.


MSN-ing rocks! But stressful with so many ppl walking around and hope the sup doesn’t come back soon.


Ok going home now.


I did a lot of work today.

All admin like cheers!

I noe how to book bind already!

Can go and snatch the vj bookshop auntie rice bowl! Haha.


18 July 2007


Happy 21st NG! Quite sad that cant celebrate for you. Can see that u are surviving well there. Jiayous k J hurry go download skype J


I am so bored at office.

Like totally.

Give me work pls.


I don’t want to stone anymore. Whole day msn is like CAN DIE and FAINT.


And my IE just shut down on me when I attempted to write a blog post with pictures. Make do with whatever that is here first k. pics, I will try to upload soon.


House still no net.

My roommate is out at some conference helping out, and I am ALL ALONE in the office. ROAR. RAH!


roommate and me!


the housemates: mingjie, junjie, juncong, me, kelly and weiqiang

the guys call themselves F4! lk PENGS.


lin zhi ying!

lye 在 2007-07-19 22:04:47 说:

hey ongsie!!!!lucky!!!
oh manz..i cant get over the fact that u saw lin zhi ying. althot it has been a few daes, i kept thinking how lucky u are!
and i hope lin zhi ying is not gay manz!!!quite suspicious cos he doesnt haf any rumors manz!
jh 在 2007-07-18 17:22:44 说:

hahaha.. i dunno why that day ur kang shi fu noodles werent nice! their QC is by sampling i guess so maybe that pack happens to be lousy? haha have u tried the 'bing hong cha' by the way? blue colour bottle.

wah.. ur camera zoom good or u were SO CLOSE to lin zhi ying! hahaha.. i hope i have such good luck in taipei soon. i wanna see KO** lah..
哈玛雅 在 2007-07-18 16:47:05 说:

welcome to shang hai
olw 在 2007-07-18 14:49:41 说:

& oh btw.ur entry is very long.see alr eyes very pain can.no wonder ma keep saying you sound really weird on e phone.and oh please,i wont tell her ure have cough,she gonna bug me like mad.please drink more water btw.
olw 在 2007-07-18 14:33:08 说:

hello ongsie :)


in shanghai.